Roadrunner supercomputer remains on top

The list of the top 500 supercomputers was updated and released this week by www.top500.org

Roadrunner remains on top and Cray's Jaguar retained the number two spot.

Both of these systems are powered by AMD Quad-Core Opteron processors.

Rodarunner is clocked at 1.105 and Jaguar at 1.059 petaflops or 10^15, floating-point-operations per second.

Some key statistics include the following:

  • Processor Architecture. Intel and AMD account for 88% of the listed systems: 442 = 399 + 43 or 88%.
  • Operating System. Linux is at 443 systems or 89%, Unix at 4% and MS Windows at 1%
  • Vendors. For the first time Hewlett Packard, HP, surpassed IBM in the number of installed systems. HP has 212 or 42% and IBM 188 or 38%.

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