parse-cmd: A simple command-line Java parser

Wikipedia defines parsing as follows:

In computer science and linguistics, parsing, or, more formally, syntactic analysis, is the process of analyzing a sequence of tokens to determine grammatical structure with respect to a given (more or less) formal grammar.

parser is thus one of the components in an interpreter or compiler, where it captures the implied hierarchy of the input text and transforms it into a form suitable for further processing (often some kind of parse tree, abstract syntax tree or other hierarchical structure) and normally checks for syntax errors at the same time.

When writing a Java console application, or an application responding to an input stream, without using a formal parser such as ANTLR - ANother Tool for Language Recognition, one ends up writing custom code each and every time; a generic approach to define and parse few application specific commands is needed.

A quick search on Google shows several tools to handle command-line options but generally I found these solutions complex. Access to a generic and simple parser was the beginning of parse-cmd.

Should you need a simple, less than formal, one-class Java command-line parser, take a look at parse-cmd.

An equivalent implementation using Scala of a command-line parser is available here.

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