Palm's Foleo

Palm's Foleo is a small Linux-based laptop introduced as a companion to a cell-phone.

I would buy one, and see wide acceptance and use in a number of fields such as education and health, should it have Ubuntu, Ethernet in addition to WiFi, supporting c, perl, php and java. A number of generic and custom applications will find this unit and form-factor useful.

As is, Foleo may not gain wide acceptance designed and marketed as an additional gadget to a cell-phone; why use a Laptop that depends on the availability of a Cell-phone for its operation?

The upside of Foleo may be that Palm will evolve it to offer standalone operation, e.g without requiring a Cell-phone, Ubuntu, or Ubuntu-like Linux 'presentation', possibly using tools such as Google's Gears, resulting in a powerful compact unit while connected to the Internet, corporate network and as a standalone computing device.

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